The Purpose

UNITED WORLD MEDIA is a non-profit film production company based in Pasadena, California.

To produce and distribute educational documentary films that expose global human rights abuses, promote social justice around the world and unify diverse groups and cultures.

We desire to see a WORLD where people are informed about the lives of their global neighbors; a WORLD where individuals identify themselves as part of the human family rather than defenders of their own tribe, group, or nation; a WORLD where human rights abuses are never tolerated and the community of nations takes swift action to protect the helpless from suffering;  a UNITED WORLD where members of the global neighborhood celebrate the uniqueness and similarities of all people across our planet.

We believe that the combination of knowledge and empathy can be a powerful force that motivates individuals to address important challenges facing our world.  We believe in journalistic fairness and the importance of demonstrating the complexity of the issues and the many perspectives involved.  We believe that the dominant ideology of “national self-interest” often stands in the way of our responsibility to help the suffering and oppressed outside of our own borders.  We believe that unity and understanding amongst members of the global neighborhood is the most effective tool for bringing about needed social reforms.

The visual arts have proven to be powerful tools for social change throughout history, and film in particular over the last century.  These tools can be used toward destructive ends, as seen from the divisiveness created from the nationalistic propaganda films of the mid-twentieth century such as Triumph of the Will (1935), but films have also proven to be a powerful catalyst for social progress like Hearts and Minds (1974).  Our primary task is to bring more positive, educational films to the mainstream American marketplace and inspire advocacy for global justice through audience awareness.  In this first film, our goal is to unite the world community toward the task of finding solutions to the human rights crisis facing the nation of North Korea.

Land of Kim: The North Korea Tragedy
This documentary film will outline the history of North Korea from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day, focusing on documented human rights abuses.  Using footage shot by Rob Bethke (director) in a recent trip to North Korea, we will paint a picture of what daily life is like for the citizens of North Korea.  Interviews with experts in the fields of human rights activism, politics, history, Asian studies, foreign affairs and national security will provide clarity and a variety of opinions about the geo-political and humanitarian problems facing the the reclusive communist nation.  Archival footage, news clips and animation will be used to chronicle the current state of diplomacy between North Korea and the world community.  It will conclude with a balanced discussion of all possible solutions, from armed conflict to non-violent peacemaking.  The audience will then have the knowledge to become more active in helping to find new and innovative solutions toward a peaceful North Korea and a more united world. (

Rob Bethke, UWM President and Producer/Director for Land of Kim

Chris Pack, UWM Vice-President and Producer

Emily Shubin, UWM Board Member and Producer

Sarah Richendollar, UWM Secretary and Associate Producer

Katherine Lee, UWM Board Member


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